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With the onset of autumn, many schoolgirls think about their daily image. As a rule, clothing is governed by school uniform, but the situation to style hair for school is more complicated. It is very important to choose one that looks harmoniously at school, convenient and does not take much time in the morning.

cool school hairstyles

Now there are many variations for cute hairstyles to wear to school for every day. All of them do not require a lot of effort, but look neat, original and harmonious.

Fast hairstyles to school in 5 minutes

With braids

Wonderful beautiful hairstyle with a French braid. She looks creative, but very light in execution, so that it can be done without someone else’s help. One can choose¬†naturally curly hairstyles for school as well.

  • Wet clean hair, separate straight or side parting
  • At the left temple separate a wide strand and divide it into 3 sections.
  • Start weaving a braid, grabbing strands from below, gradually moving down to the opposite side of the head.
  • After completing the weaving, fix the tail at the base and decorate the hair with a ribbon.
  • For a change, braid the classic dragon dragon or two pigtails.

cute hairstyles to wear to school


It is popular and common version of cool school hairstyles for long hair, allowing you to use your imagination to the maximum. In addition to the classic tails, diversify the school image with the help of creative innovations.

  • Braid a low tail, securing the gum a little further than usual.
  • Make a hole in the hair at the base to thread the tail through it.
  • You’ve got the original reverse tail in a few steps.

To make this hairstyle look even more original, create three tails from the top of the head to the back of the head and alternately thread them at the base. This hairstyle gives the effect of a lush and thick tail, making it longer than it really is.

Fish tail

  • Non-standard weaving, creating a chic image of the school.
  • Divide hair into two parts.
  • From each part start to intertwine the thin strands between you.
  • Having fixed the base of the braid with an elastic band, lightly fluff the strands with your hands to create a magnificent effect.
  • With this weave, you can create classic braids, but also original hairstyles, if you combine a three-strand weave with a fishtail weave.


Wonderful it is for everyday hairstyle, which removes side strands that interfere with learning, but leaves the main part of hair loose.

  • Separate the hair in a single part.
  • Just above the temple separate the strands on the sides.
  • Attach them to the back of the head, leaving the hair loose.

This hairstyle is easy to improve. Make a reverse tail, or braid the strands themselves in braids. Feminine and aesthetically pleasing this hairstyle looks with curls.


  • Excellent and fashionable alternative to weaving. With their help, decorate the bumps and bunches. For girls of junior classes will be relevant hairstyle of harnesses and tail.
  • Make the tail on the back of the head and divide the strands into three parts.
  • Each of the parts twist into a bundle
  • Connect all three bundles and secure with a hair tie.

The finished hair can be decorated with a bright bow.

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